Donate Yacht to charity California, Much easier than selling! Yacht donations of any size accepted. Donate yacht and enjoy a fair market value tax deduction plus free transport anywhere California. Donate yacht today!

Give Thousands With One Yacht Donation To Charity! A Yacht Donation Can Be Transformed Into Years Of Lasting Services For Our Beneficiaries Who Are In Need Of A Helping Hand.

California yacht donation

Considering alternatives to selling you California yacht? Now is a perfect time to donate that yacht, anywhere in California. California is full of successful individuals like you; Donate your California Yacht today and share your good fortune with fellow Californians in need....Hassle free! Your Yacht can quite literally make a boat-load of difference for charity! We offer free pickup, or if your yacht is too big to trailer we can send a captain ( and crew if need be ) right out to your location; FREE!.

Weigh Your Options (What’s best for you... Should you go Port or Starboard)

Sell my Yacht or Donate to a California charity....... A yacht is a tough sell. While there is a possibility of cash in hand it is an uphill battle to receive the price you want. Often a Broker must be involved and a quick sale these days ( unless you undervalue your yacht) may be far off in the difference. We know that not everyone is in the position to donate a California registered yacht, but those of you who are, may find that yacht donation is a much more beneficial option.

Benefits of Yacht donation

You’ve established yourself in the world and your California Yacht is a staple of that success. If you ever think about selling your yacht you may want to consider California yacht donation instead. A California Yacht donation provides each donor:

1. A large tax deduction
2. Zero out-of-pocket expense
3. A free certified appraisal of your Yacht!
4. Repairs to qualified yacht donation candidates ( you reap the benefit of a higher market value)
5. Vacation voucher to many great spots around the nation!

You’re making a difference for a great U. S. Charity! Click here to check out our cause

California Yacht Repairs..... FREE!

Do you have a yacht that is need of some work? Whether it is a good cleaning or a full refurbish we are able to make full repairs of all types of California yachts onsite or at select boat mechanic affiliates. Once the repairs are complete the appraisal can be much higher than the original as is condition. The higher the appraised value the more of a tax deduction benefit to you the yacht donor! We foot the bill and everyone wins! California Yacht donation is a great way to make a difference regardless of overall condition. Running or not your yacht can be donated within 2-3 business days with just one call.

Do you prefer email contact? Fill out our California yacht donation form today and receive a response within 90 minutes! We work around your schedule.

California, the Golden state; the land of so much opportunity! You have the means to give back with your yacht we can make it worth your while. California yacht donation is safe, fast, and most importantly.... free to you the donor. Call us anytime to learn more about your options and the benefits to you and to those in need.

California Yacht donation is the key to lowering future IRS tax burdens. Call Today to speak with a knowledgeable staff member who specializes in Yacht donation in California. A California Yacht Donation Specialist can help make your Yacht donation hassle free. In many cases the use of a Yacht Donation specialist will show you IRS tax benefits that may have otherwise been missed. Our Experts work for you!

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