Tax DeductionWhen you Donate Boat

Fair Market Value Tax Deduction

Irs Tax Deduction

Your boat donation could put thousands at your disposal in the form of an IRS federal tax deduction. Take these federal tax deduction savings and use them to offset federal taxes owed this year and up to five consecutive years after! Millions of donors have already produced federal tax savings for themselves and now it's your turn! When you're ready to unlock savings on the federal level just give us a call! Five minutes over the phone and the donation of your boat donation to charity is your ticket to federal tax deduction savings this year!

Reasons why donors choose Charity Boats NPO to Maximize their Tax Deduction when donating watercraft.

  • Streamlined boat donation through our wonderful customer service team
  • Professional transport network | Boat donation in as little as a week!
  • We are Experts in full appraised value boat donation tax deduction.
  • 100% free donation of your boat through our professional staff!
  • Repair and restoration programs available free to the donor!
  • The highest federal tax deduction savings available for boat donation
  • Donate with or without a trailer seven days a week and even after-hours!
  • IRS Form 8283

    Download your IRS form 8283 here. If you have a donation of a boat, sailboat, yacht or any other type of watercraft worth $5000 or more you will need this form along with your 1098C and the donation receipt we gave you on the day of donation (or will give you on the day of donation if you have not donated yet).read more

  • IRS Form 1098C

    Download your IRS form 1098C here. Use this form for all types of watercraft donation made to charity. Donate with us and we will provide you this form free of charge! Your 1098C forms, along with all other necessary donation forms are always provided by us free of charge! Use this form as proof of your IRS federal tax deduction eligibility.... ..1098-c

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