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Charity Boats Supports:

Youth Development

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy~ 35th US President (1961-63)

Youth Development Programs

Youth Development helps young people take control of and create their own positive life decisions. A child who can grow under the love and leadership of caring individuals can develop into a leader and have a lasting and enormous impact on our society. A stable environment can be incredibly essential to a child’s future. Stability at home and the chance to grow and learn through quality care during and after school alone are not indicative of a successful happy future adult, but a lack of proper Youth development and healthy connection to society translates into significant disadvantages in the future.

Many barriers exist that prevent children and young teens from excelling in their everyday studies and pursuing the ever elusive American dream of attaining the perfect career and a happy healthy life!

  • Charity Boats and The Giving Center is proud to support those needing educational assistance in many forms.
  • Many children need your help to have the tools to succeed. Give them the support they deserve.


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Foster Care

By giving to the foster care system you can make a tremendous difference in both the heart and mind of a child's life and your own.

Foster Care Program Support

Unconditional care
No child, whether coming into or aging out of the foster care system deserves any less than our unconditional care and attention. Charity Boats and the targeted focus of the giving center is designed to give children in our communities the chance they so richly deserve.
Individualized attention
Charity Boats and the Giving Center will work closely with county agencies, school districts, and other community-based providers to ensure that children and families receive the very best supportive services they need to achieve lasting success.

  • Children around the world and right in your home state need your help..
  • Give a Boat donation and help a foster child dream and achieve a brighter future!

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Elderly and Disabled

With your help we will continue to strengthen our support for Adults, Elderly care and Disabled care programs.

Disabled and Elderly Care

The elderly deserve the very best in care and comfort, but often find that social security and their savings are not enough to live month to month. Your Boat donations allow us to serve thousands of elderly programs, retirement homes and even directly to seniors who need help paying bills, or even more serious, find shelter or food for the month. Give today and we can make sure your boat donation goes to support elderly causes. Do you know of a senior citizen or senior program in need of assistance? We are here to help.
The disabled are often not able to advocate their own needs and wishes. We help community programs, afterschool care, adult care facilities and at times right alongside state and local governments to make sure your boat donation gift proceeds go to areas where their benefits will be maximized. Give today right in your own community through us.

  • Your gift helps supplement growing elderly care costs for families caring for their loved ones
  • Your boat donation gift to charity can help grow special needs programs right in your community!

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Educational Programs

A boat donation = backpacks, school supplies and continued after school programs for children in need.

Support Educational Programs

A child that does not have the tools to succeed in school or an educational program that does not have the tools to teach students is doomed from the start for failure. A boat donation from you can keep afterschool programs going and, put books in the classroom; it can provide funding for computers and networking equipment to bring children into the future of learning in rural areas and so much more!

We support a wide range of educational programs from afterschool care to full K-12 schools providing supplies like computers and even full buildings to allow educational programs to continue, plus smaller, but just as important items like pencils, backpacks, coats for children attending school and even transportation for their parents to get them to and from school. Your boat donation can turn into an amazing support system for thousands of educational programs right in your area.

  • Give to schools, after-school programs and k-12 students through Boat Donation
  • We Put computers in the hands of students with your help!

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Animal Rights

Your boat donation gift will support animal rights groups and animal shelters who each day fight to improve the lives of animals

Animal Rights

The rights of animals is a very passionate issue for many human beings. The act of Animal cruelty has been with us since the beginning of time and is a fight that must be won. Animals deserve homes just like human beings do. They deserve to be loves and cared for in the shelters that try to provide this for the need your funding and support. Combat animal cruelty with us and the donation of your boat to charity.
Charity Boats works directly with animal rights groups, animal shelters, county officials and the communities around the United States each year, providing funding and support to fight against animal cruelty on all levels. We are proud to push forward in the fight against those who do not uphold the rights of animals. With your help we will be successful in our efforts for years to come..

  • Most animal shelters rely entirely on donations. Your gift means they can continue their service to the community.
  • Abandoned & Neglected pets receive a second chance through Boat Donation

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Faith and Religion

We believe in the message of the Christian church and can transform your support into growth for churches and religious Non-Profits

Faith and Religion Programs

Our network was founded with a Christian mindset. We understand the relationship of church and family and the importance faith has on a community, families and the individual man/woman. Thousands of churches and faith based community organizations request our support each year and with your help, we are able to provide millions each year to faith-based organizations from all denominations.
We believe that every man/woman has the right to pursue a happy and full life and we will do our best each year to support churches and faith-based programs who believe the same and who strive each day to provide a full life for men and women from all walks.

  • Christian outreach programs all over the world depend on boat donation
  • A New Church roof could be made possible by a donation from you!

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Other Causes

We offer charity incubation for great causes just getting started or existing causes in need of support

charity support programs

We are open to all causes who fight towards similar goals and give as much as we can each year, without discrimination. At Charity Boats we are happy to welcome everyone to our programs; if you know of a charitable organization that would benefit from boat donation proceeds we would be happy to bring them aboard! (Pun intended). Let us know through our online form or through written mail about the cause or community program that you would like your boat donation to support.
Do you represent a charitable organization? Let us know. We would be happy to work with that organization to help them receive free boat donation proceeds as a part of our giving network! Click here to contact us today!

  • Your Boat Donation can support all types of charitable causes!
  • All Charities can receive assistance with us and with your help!

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