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Charity Boats Testimonials

  • "I was at a loss on what to do with a boat trailer that my friend left behind when he left for Afghanistan. It was rusted and barely moved around, but still worth some good money. Every charity I called said they would only accept boat trailers if there was a boat attached with it. Finally I came across Charity Boats website. They took my boat donation in just a few days. It was literally one of the easiest donations I’ve ever made! Thanks again; you guys are lifesavers."

    Jacob - Massachusetts boat trailer donor

  • "My husband, when he passed, left a boat and trailer behind. My son took the boat and now has it at a Marina, but I had no idea what to do with the trailer. Fortunately, the first website I came to was this one. They took care of this little old lady and handled every part of the donation for me. They even sent me donation forms so I could claim my deduction with the IRS. Thank you so much for your assistance!"

    Evelyn - Florida boat trailer donor

  • "I didn’t even have a title, but they were still able to work with me and, after speaking with the state on my behalf they were able to help me make a free and clear transfer of my boat directly to the charity of my choice. I can’t believe I was able to still donate! So many others told me no way."

    Matt - Louisiana boat donor

  • "I want to say thanks again to everyone at charityboats.org. With my appraisal I was able to do much more than I ever thought possible with my boat donation. I donated a boat and jetskii and with the appraisal on the boat I was able to gain a full appraised value tax deduction plus a full market value tax deduction for the jetskii! Now I owe less than half of what I originally would have to the IRS! That makes it all worthwhile for me!"

    Jack - Kansas boat and personal watercraft donor

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