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    Charitable boat donations South Carolina - Call toll free (888)-228-7320

    We would like to help you make your next South Carolina boat donation to charity! You can donate any type of boat from anywhere in South Carolina free! Our volunteers will take care of all your donation paperwork necessary for a free and clear donation. We will also take care of all title paperwork to ensure free and clear title transfer. Donate today in less than five minutes over the phone by calling our volunteers toll-free at 1-888-228-7320. Have your entire donation of a boat from anywhere in the state picked up usually in less than a week!

    You can receive a free vacation from us for a South Carolina boat donation made worth $500 or more. Donate before the end of the year, a boat worth $500 or more, and you’ll receive a Bahamas cruise or a three-day two night hotel stay!
    Donate a boat from Columbia South Carolina, make a Charleston South Carolina boat donation, a Summerville South Carolina boat donation or a boat donation from anywhere else in the state all free of charge with us!
    Give today earn a free vacation and a fair market value tax deduction!

    When you give with us we will offer a free vacation voucher for each boat donation worth $500 or more. It’s an amazing way to earn a Bahamas cruise or a three-day two night vacation hotel stay. Simply donate, meet this minimum requirement and the vacation offer will be sent to you by us free of charge.

    You can also look forward to a promise from us to help you receive the highest possible full fair market value tax deduction savings based directly on your South Carolina boat donation. We may even be able to offer free repairs or full restoration, in certain cases, for a boat donation to drastically improve its fair market value and thus the fair market value federal savings going to the donor!

    When you are ready to give back and earn the highest possible full fair market value tax deduction eligibility give us a call. If you want a free vacation offer and the chance to remove a boat free of charge give us a call! We can help you make a difference for charity and lock in federal savings for yourself while providing free South Carolina boat transport from anywhere in the state.

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