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    Not many organizations serve North Dakota boat owners and its residents who wish to give back to charity. Very few charitable organizations have the resources to properly cover North Dakota for boat transport and boat transport. At we’ve the largest network nationwide a professional boat transport teams and can handle all types of boats, even those that are in such bad shape they cannot be towed behind a truck. If you are interested in giving back to charity through North Dakota boat donation or if you would just like a boat removed from the side of your house or out of storage give us a call. Our professional teams and caring staff would love to help you through the North Dakota boat donation process all free of charge! Call anytime seven days a week at 1-888-228-7320 to find out more about this unique opportunity and amazing way to give back!
    What I can receive from a North Dakota boat donation to charity
    You can always look forward to, as with any charitable donation, a tax deduction savings from the IRS. The difference with us, we make sure to maximize your tax deduction savings every time you give a boat to charity through our program. In some instances we can even make repairs to your boat at no cost to you to further extend your tax deduction savings eligibility! Even if you are just looking to remove a boat you can still receive a tax-deductible gift based directly on the fair market value of your boat donation. This can be used to offset federal taxes owed for this year and up to five years after that!
    You can also look forward to a free vacation offer from us each time you give a boat donation in North Dakota worth $500 or more. Give today and let us take care of all the donation paperwork and all boat transport free.
    Many charitable organizations depend on boat donations and boat donations to survive. With us you have the opportunity to give back to charity and even choose which charity will receive a portion of your proceeds. When you’re ready to give back do so hassle free with us and realize amazing tax savings plus the potential for a free vacation all with just one five minute phone call!

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