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    We understand the needs of donors when it comes to boat donation. If you find yourself in the position to give a boat donation within Michigan we would like to help you do so hassle free. Give back today by calling our volunteers or by clicking here and filling out our online Michigan boat donation form. Each method is free and takes less than five minutes to complete. Once complete we will take care of everything else including donation paperwork preparation, hassle free boat transport, and free and clear title transfer all through our professional teams. We will also make sure that your Michigan boat returns to you the highest possible federal tax deduction savings each time you give. Call today to lock in federal savings and possibly a free vacation offer from us at 1-888-228-7320.

    We are here when you need us seven days a week and ready to help you maximize your savings for giving a Michigan boat donation to charity.
    Full appraised value tax deduction could mean more for Michigan boat donation
    We are experts in qualifying our donors for full appraised value tax deduction benefits when it comes to Michigan boat donation. If you have a Michigan boat donation and a current appraisal you can lock in full appraised value tax deduction savings today with us. We’ll take the extra steps and follow all IRS guidelines to ensure your eligibility for this top tier full appraised value tax deduction. Call today to lock in a savings with us or click the link above to fill out our online form and begin the donation process.

    A free vacation with every Michigan boat donation worth $500 or more
    Give today from anywhere in Michigan free with us. Receive federal tax savings and the possibility for a full appraised value tax deduction through our professional teams. And as one more gift, we would like to give you a free vacation offer for each Michigan boat donation you make with us worth $500 or more. This incredible advantage for giving with us could mean a Bahamas cruise or three-day two night hotel stay at several wonderful hotels on the East and West Coast. Choose your vacation package and we will send it to you no strings attached along with your final donation forms. Call today to lock in these savings and all savings that you the donor eligible for, once you decide to give your Michigan boat to charity.

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