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    You do not have to be stuck with the insurance and storage costs associated with an unwanted house boat or yacht. We can help you take an item that you no longer want and transform it into a valuable commodity. To make the most of a Mission Viejo house boat donation, contact Charity any day of the week. You do not need much time in your schedule to successfully complete a Mission Viejo house boat donation. Starting the process is even simpler. You can take the key first step today by calling our toll free hotline at 1.888.228.7320 or clicking here.

    The first thing that most donors want to know is how valuable their tax deduction will be. In case you did not know, every Mission Viejo house boat donation can earn a full fair market value tax deduction from the IRS. Not only do we commonly earn bigger and better deductions for our donors, we can speed up the process. We will lock in a tax deduction based on full fair market value without you having to wait around for the house boat to be sold at auction.

    The same quick process applies to full appraised value tax deductions. You can use our help to find an appraiser in your area. We will help you complete the paperwork and the rest of the details in order to lock in tax savings before your donation goes through the rest of the process of being sold for charitable proceeds.

    Would you like to receive another gift without the hassle of waiting? You can receive a free vacation offer along with your tax deduction paperwork. If you have ever dreamed of taking a sunny cruise all the way to the Caribbean, we have some offers you are going to love.

    It does not cost you anything to donate a house boat to Charity We handle all paperwork and the entire transport process at no charge to you. You can simply sit back and watch us do the work efficiently.

    We are willing to provide free services because we want to accept as many donations as possible. The more house boats and yachts we receive, the more proceeds we can send out to our charity beneficiaries.

    This strategy has helped us quickly rack up more than $1 million in charitable proceeds. If you would like to help us on our journey to another $1 million raised for charity, you should call us at 1.888.228.7320 and schedule a Mission Viejo house boat donation today. Remember, we are also available online. Click here to donate through our website.

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