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    Are you letting a valuable house boat, yacht, or Jet Ski go to waste? Even if that vessel is in poor condition, it can still have a lot of value as a Chico house boat donation. Charity specializes in helping people in your exact situation make the most of their unwanted property. We can help you earn some valuable rewards and put your Chico house boat donation to use for a good cause.

    Donating a house boat or yacht to charity is much easier than you imagined. Taking part in the streamlined Chico house boat donation process offered by Charity is as simple as calling 1.888.228.7320. You can use that number seven days a week if you would like to speak directly to a member of our staff. Otherwise, you can click here to submit your information through a secure online form.

    Earning eligibility for a full fair market value tax deduction is a simple two-step process. Charity is an IRS-approved organization. That means we have the authorization to provide you with eligibility for top tier tax savings. If schedule a free transport appointment with one of our crews and then hand over the necessary documentation, we can grant you access to the best IRS tax deduction available anywhere.

    If you have a highly valuable Chico house boat donation, it is especially important that you donate to an organization that can put you in touch with top tier tax relief. Leaving value on the table could short your rewards by tens of thousands of dollars. If you come to Charity, we can help you use a full appraised value tax deduction to achieve full return on value. Once we throw in a free vacation offer, you are certain to max out on your reward potential.

    It is not difficult to earn these rewards. As we said above, Chico house boat donation transport services are 100 percent free to the donor. We are available on weekends and evenings in order to provide maximum convenience. We can take care all of the details, including title transfer and donation paperwork.

    Your Chico house boat donation is on track to become lasting proceeds for a charitable cause serving people in need. We know how to secure a top sale price for your house boat. With the proceeds we raise, we can provide one or more of our charity partners with the funds they need to stay operational. If we can generate enough money from your Chico house boat donation, we may even be able to help a charity expand the work they are doing. To have a big effect on people in need in your area, call 1.888.228.7320 or click above today.

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